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Monday, February 10, 2014

Dj Grandpa's Crib: Is this Mic On?

Discover the artists, singers, producers, entrepreneurs, game developers, and inventors of the future at DJ Grandpa's Crib, the unofficial Kickstarter Podcast. With a fresh voice and inspiring interviews, this weekly podcast celebrates the creative genius in each of us. Don’t miss a single episode!

DJG puzzles through history with Zen Puzzles, travels the Dark Lands, discovers Unidentified Funny Objects for the third time, Disappears Fear with Sonia, finds the hero in underwear, and explores the latest in games with Rick Soued.

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Show roster for Is this Mic On? links to all Funding campaigns discussed in this episode:

1.  Will Carswell 
Zen Puzzles™: Artisanal, Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles 
by Zen Art & Design  
Northampton, MA  
2.  Vladislav Spevak 
Dark Lands 
by Mingle Games  
Prague, Czech Republic  
Unidentified Funny Objects 3 - Annual Anthology of Humor SFF    
Brooklyn, NY 
4.  Sonia & Disappear Fear 
Hungry For Music Benefit Concert Featuring SONiA & disappear fear
Saturday, February 15 at 7:30pm
First Christian Church/ Beit Tikvah 5802 Roland Ave
Baltimore, MD 
5.  Manny 
Under Where? (Just made you say underwear) 
by Manny Trembley  
Spokane, WA                            
6.  Rick Soued 
NIKA: A game inspired by ancient Greek geography & warfare! 
by Eagle Games
Leitchfield, KY   
Kickstarter #1
Kickstarter #2
Show Producer: Von Rupert
Theme Music: Trevor Williams
Assistant Editors: Jeffery Banks, Bertram Zeek & Zachary Simao

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