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What is Bedrock Communications, Inc.?

We’re a premier podcast production company, bringing over thirty-five years of radio experience to every podcast we produce.  We’re a one-stop shop, taking your podcast from conception all the way to broadcast.

The  sound quality of most podcasts is unprofessional. NOT ours. We have the talent, equipment, and expertise to make everyone sound like pros.

Who am I?

I spent fifteen years at NPR as a technical director and engineer learning with the biggest and most talented names in the business, recording in studios, at the White House, and around the country, covering everything from elections to terrorist attacks. After leaving NPR, I joined the Washington Post Interactive and worked with Slate, The Root, Hang Up and Listen, and Gabfest to master the art of podcasting.

Here are some examples of my work. I produced each of these podcasts. By “produced,” I mean I recorded the podcast, edited the content, mixed the sound, and published each to the web.

My resume

My recommendations

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a radio program aired over the internet. Because it’s a mobile medium that people can grab and go, they can listen in their cars, during lunch breaks, on jogs, while running errands--the possibilities are endless.  The intimacy and immediacy of podcasts make them a powerful marketing tool for your company. They bring your message and your voice directly to the people you want to reach.

Why podcast?

·       Speak directly to your constituents.
·       Podcasts are uniquely mobile, appealing to the 97 million people who drive to work every day.
·       Broadcast your agenda worldwide.
·       Fundraise.
·       Publicize and get the word out.
·       Say exactly what you want, when you want (unfiltered).
·       39 million Americans listen to a podcast each month.
·       Get noticed in a much smaller haystack. There are 200,000 podcasts on iTunes as opposed to 450 million English speaking blogs and 1.2 million hours of video uploaded to YouTube each month.
·       Twenty percent of Americans listen to podcasts, and the audience is growing by 25% every year.
·       Bring your passion to the game! Listeners are starving for people and issues to follow, but they want clear and passionate content. A podcast is the perfect vehicle.

Package Deal:  The One Stop Shop. No one else to talk to.
$400 per episode includes:

·        Free web hosting for your podcast.
·       When I say produce your podcast, I mean:  recording, mixing, editing, coaching posting, and distributing your podcast.
·       Free setup on iTunes plus 20 other digital distribution services.
·       No studio required. We can supply that, too
·       No equipment to buy or rent.
·       Free media players for your website
·       Free analytical data from your show to track listener participation.
·       Free alternative YouTube version of your audio podcast to publish on your YouTube Channel.
Contact Info:
Bedrock Communications, Inc.
The Podcast President
Abdullah Rufus
Phone (703) 624-2167 United States / Eastern Time Zone.
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