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Sunday, March 10, 2019

On The Ground: Count it Up!

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This week: Jitu Brown chops it up with New Jersey community organizers Rosie Grant, Johnnie Lattner and Faheem Lee. The right to elect school boards was snatched away from Black NJ Cities. Determined coalition building & organizing won it back. Don’t slip! Listen in!

About the On The Ground podcast:

The ON THE GROUND podcast centers effective grassroots community organizers to share their wisdom on the artistic science of organizing. Community organizing is not activism. Listen to Jitu Brown and guests to learn the difference.

About the Journey for Justice Alliance:

The Journey for Justice Alliance is intentionally creating a space for organized low-income and working class communities who are directly impacted by top-down privatization and school closings efforts. Our member organizations are built and led primarily by parents and youth of color and we fight unapologetically for community-driven school improvement that allows us to be genuine and in the forefront. The promise of public education has not yet been realized but we know what it will take. Journey for Justice is just that- a journey for the rights of our children and neighborhoods.. For more information check out:

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