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Thursday, September 8, 2016

SchoolHouse: Equity in Education

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This week: CJSF’s Allison R. Brown talks with Dr. Micah Gilmer, a Senior Partner at Frontline Solutions, and Riki Wilchins, Executive Director of True Child, about their report on society’s expectations of Black manhood and how they’re detrimental to men’s health.

About the SchoolHouse: Equity in Education podcast:

SchoolHouse is a podcast created by the Communities for Just Schools Fund and hosted by Allison R. Brown. SchoolHouse shares stories about how young people, their families and communities, and other advocates and activists are working in and around schools to make them healthy, safe, and equitable places for children to be. In SchoolHouse, we will learn together about the global implications of local movements for change in our schools.

About CJSF:

The Communities for Just Schools Fund (CJSF) is a nationally-focused donor collaborative. CJSF provides resources in support of community-led organizations that are working to ensure positive and supportive school climates that affirm and foster the success of all students. CJSF’s community partners organize young people, parents and caregivers, educators, and other community members to advocate on behalf of students who are disproportionately impacted by the over-use of exclusionary school discipline practices, including suspensions, expulsions, and arrests in schools. They organize community members to stand up for positive, healthy, and supportive school climates that produce better academic and social outcomes for the students who enroll than school climates with a heavy police presence, zero tolerance school discipline policies, and over-reliance on exclusionary discipline methods. CJSF’s community partners educate students, parents and caregivers, school officials and teachers, police departments, and community leaders on highly beneficial alternatives to suspension, expulsion, and school-based arrests. For more information, email us at and sign up for our newsletter at

About Frontline Solutions:

Like many of our peers and affiliates, we want our work to be impactful. And we know that the consulting services we offer— convening design and facilitation, research and analysis, project management, and strategy advisement —do not guarantee change by themselves. They must be steered by the right theory of change. So we’ve developed a simple and broad approach: helping people and organizations engage, learn, and grow. In our view, these three components are essential for change. Regardless of the project we undertake, we want our partners—individuals, institutions, networks—to strategically engage with the right individuals or groups; learn and apply valuable data and relevant information; and experience smart, sustainable growth. Optimally, these processes occur at the same time. Our core values, consulting services, expertise, and organizational investments in leadership development are applied throughout in this process. For more information:

About True Child:

TrueChild helps donors, policy-makers and practitioners reconnect race, class and gender through "gender transformative" approaches that challenge rigid gender norms and inequities. We are especially interested in the impact of gender on at-risk communities, including those that are of color, LGBTQ, or low income.

What We Do

1. Conduct trainings and briefings;
2. Develop white paper reports, tool-kits, and other intellectual collateral; and,
3. Work with grantees to develop and disseminate model "best practice” programs that have a strong gender focus.

For more information:

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