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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Short Story...on Fire!

Von here. :)   I'm a huge fan of the short story. I read several a day, I write several a month, and I never shut up about the virtues of a well-written short story.  That's one of the reasons why DJ Grandpa's Crib has always featured short story anthologies and e-zines.

Now that our format has changed, we can't cover as many projects as we used to. Rather than let my favorite projects slip by unrecognized, I'd like to mention them here on our website.

Up this week is a literary magazine that I love reading:  Fireside Magazine. Quality short stories, an awesome serial, excellent graphics, and paid contributors.  In addition, Brian White, the editor of Fireside Magazine, has backed 85 Kickstarter projects. (And promoted them.) And that matters to me. Before I recommend a project to DJ Grandpa, I make sure the project creator is either a backer of Kickstarter projects or a promoter of them.  Giving back is important to me.

If you love quality fiction and you care about backing a market that supports its artists and writers, check out Fireside Magazine's Year 3 Kickstarter:

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