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Monday, March 31, 2014

Lawyers, lawyers, who needs them Anyway?

They have a horrible reputation; entire joke books are written about them; more groans than smiles result when you mention their profession. Lawyers: who needs them? You do! Your blood, sweat, and tears go into creating your art--hire a lawyer when it's time to protect it!

Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property

Anytime a play is produced, an actor signed to a role, or a game developed for publication, lawyers are involved in many, if not all, of the facets relating to the development and execution of the project (s). It’s all part of the necessity of doing business.

What we’re talking about here are the “creative assets,” the creative work of artists (e.g., writers, directors, authors, musicians, performers, designers, producers) – in laymen’s terms, their intellectual property (IP). Protecting and safeguarding any form of intellectual property requires a comprehensive knowledge of the law and that is what good lawyers do. - Read more at:

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