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Monday, February 3, 2014

Dj Grandpa's Crib: One Sly Cat

Discover the artists, singers, producers, entrepreneurs, game developers, and inventors of the future at DJ Grandpa's Crib, the unofficial Kickstarter Podcast. With a fresh voice and inspiring interviews, this weekly podcast celebrates the creative genius in each of us. Don’t miss a single episode!

DJG lights the world with Zuva, finds a mate through Fief, reads Curiosity with Joshua Starnes, serenades The Tenor From Abidjan, visits the Police Precinct with Common Man Games, and joins Jerry Gordon & Maurice Broaddus in the Shadows of the Streets.

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Show roster for One Sly Cat links to all Funding campaigns discussed in this episode:

1.  Loren and Tina Spendlove
Zuva: Lighting a Sustainable World
Washington, Utah                                             
2.  Uwe Eickert
Fief - France 1429
by Academy Games
Fremont, OH                           
3.  Joshua Starnes
Houston, TX                          
4.  Taneisha Berg
The Tenor From Abidjan: A Documentary 
Abidjan, Africa
Cote d'Ivoire, Italy               
5.  Jerry Gordon & Maurice Broaddus
Streets of Shadows - A Noir Urban Fantasy Fiction Anthology
by Steven Saus 
Dayton, OH                
6.  Karl Fenner 
Police Precinct 2nd Edition 
by Common Man Games
Denver, CO 
Order The Game:
More info about the game...
Kickstarter Page:                                            
Show Producer: Von Rupert
Theme Music: Trevor Williams
Assistant Editors: Jeffery Banks, Bertram Zeek & Zachary Simao

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