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Monday, November 18, 2013

Dj Grandpa's Crib: Invasion of the Geek Snatchers

Discover the artists, singers, producers, entrepreneurs, game developers, and inventors of the future at DJ Grandpa's Crib, the unofficial Kickstarter Podcast. With a fresh voice and inspiring interviews, this weekly podcast celebrates the creative genius in each of us. Don’t miss a single episode!

DJG lives a dog’s life with Piggy, embarks on a Super Roman Conquest, finds the Kings of Israel in a board game, jams with Nicholas Barron, puzzles APEXICON with Jonathan Meyer, races amazing vehicles with Bullet Bros, and discovers HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD.

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Show roster to Invasion of the Geek Snatchers links to all kickstarter campaigns discussed in this episode:

1.  Tod Emko
A Piggy's Tale - A Superhero Dog in an All-Ages Comic Book! 
New York, NY                           
2.  Matt
Super Roman Conquest - A 3D Side Scrolling Strategy Game
by SeaCliff Interactive 
San Francisco, CA   
3.  Lance Hill
Kings of Israel Board Game
by Funhill Games 
Duluth, MN             
4.  Nicholas Barron 
The Recording of new Nicholas Barron album, "Don't Wait" 
Evanston, IL             
5.  Jonathan Meyer
APEXICON - Fantasy Puzzle Combat
by Actos Games, LLC 
Alamance, NC             
6.  Jason Stokes
Bullet Bros 
Seattle, WA   

Music for Bullet Bros by Fernando Carabajal:
his youtube channel
7.  Matt Busch
HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD Coffee Table Art Book 
Macomb, MI             
8.  Bolt Riley - A Reggae Adventure Game
Tel Aviv, Israel
Shout Out of the Week:
Show Producer: Von Rupert
Theme Music: Trevor Williams
Assistant Editors: Jeffery Banks, Bertram Zeek & Zachary Simao

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