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Monday, November 4, 2013

Dj Grandpa's Crib: The Chipper

Discover the artists, singers, producers, entrepreneurs, game developers, and inventors of the future at DJ Grandpa's Crib, the unofficial Kickstarter Podcast. With a fresh voice and inspiring interviews, this weekly podcast celebrates the creative genius in each of us. Don’t miss a single episode!

DJG goes skull crazy with Guy, eats confections with Draft Chocolates, meets Bobby Lee, talks life with Naomi Wachira, gets the scoop on entertainment with Ron Greenfield, finds the science in War Stories, and discovers the music in games with Travis.

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Show roster to The Chipper links to all kickstarter campaigns discussed in this episode:

1.  Guy
SKULLS! Custom Accessories for your Miniature Brick Figures
by Crazy Bricks 
Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA             
2.  Kaydee
Draft Chocolates
Salem, OR                                             
3.  Grant Dalgliesh
Bobby Lee
by Columbia Games 
Blaine, WA                   
4.  Naomi Wachira
Finally! Naomi Wachira's Full Length Album 
Seattle, WA                                      
5.  Ron Greenfield
Guest: Meet the Crowd
Author: Speaker and go to expert on the entertainment industry
Author: Perspectives on Entertainment
Publisher: Aspects of Entertainment/Newsstand
Twitter: @rongreenfield1
Perspectives on Entertainment, Pursuing Our Passion
On Amazon Kindle:
At The iBookstore Aspects of Entertainment eZine is available on the Apple
Newsstand app for iPads and iPhones                                                   
6.  Jaym Gates
War Stories: Modern Military Science Fiction
by Andrew Liptak 
Barre, VT                                           
7.  Travis & Juja
Careless Juja - Video Game Music! 
Sarasota, FL                   
Show Producer: Von Rupert
Theme Music: Trevor Williams
Assistant Editors: Jeffery Banks, Bertram Zeek & Zachary Simao

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