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Sunday, June 23, 2013

DJ Grandpa is NOT Happy

DJ Grandpa received an email on Saturday, June 22 from Desjon Allen, owner of Kobe Red Jerky. His project was recently removed from Kickstarter due to allegations of fraud. 

In his email, Mr. Allen offered to share an exclusive with DJ Grandpa’s Crib—the real truth behind their unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign.   DJ Grandpa agreed to listen to their side of the story and then decide whether or not to feature it on the podcast.

Here is their side of the story, as told through a new project on Indiegogo:  Kobe Red - A Mocumentary - How I Fooled Kickstarter, The Media & 3000 Backers.

This project will NOT be featured on our show. The staff here at DJ Grandpa’s Crib is committed to crowdfunding, to the project creators who dare to dream, and to the backers who generously give of both their time and their money.  Kickstarter is more than just a crowdfunding platform, it is a community.  And the Kobe Red Beef Project--now known as the Kobe Red Mocumentary--has nothing to do with community or the true nature of crowdfunding.  We do not support this abuse of crowdfunding nor do we support The Kobe Red Mocumentary. 

Listen to DJ Grandpa's Crib on Monday, June 24 for an interview with Jason Cooper, one of the creators of Kickstarted, a documentary that helped expose the fraud behind Kobe Red.


  1. It's look like the kickstarted documentary isn't going to get funded -- and their crime is uncovering the Kobe scandal and scaring people away from kickstarter. Kickstarters non-response response is pathetic. Kickstarter is having some bad press, and screwing all the small project creators with active campaigns by not getting out in front of bad press stories. Traffic is obviously down, look at all the many projects not getting funded and coming up shy -- and mocking all existing statistics on success rates. And kickstarter does nothing, does not increase advertising or use any measures to build traffic back up.

    1. I was very disappointed in the way Kickstarter handled both the alleged Kobe Red fraud, and the Above the Game project. Kickstarter is a community, and that community was crying out loudly against both projects. Kickstarter was silent. That silence was hurtful. I hope they change their policies and increase communication from this point on. (I never see them quiet when the news favors them.)

  2. Blake Here. I was one of the people that helped expose the kobe beef scam, and I was retaliated against by Desjon when he slandered my name constantly on local websites and on facebook.

    He's a coward and a scammer and if anyone actually donates to this guy they're never going to see a product. He's leaving a black eye on crowdfunding with his constant and illegal antics.

    I really hope karma comes back and removes this scum from the face of the earth.

    I expect he'll constantly try to scam the crowdfunding community and my guess is he has several projects that look semi-legitimate in the hopes of getting people to give him money.

    My project is at

    1. Thanks for sharing your project with us, Blake. We'll check it out. And thanks for helping to expose the alleged kobe beef scam. I'm sorry the repercussions have been so steep for both you and the Kickstarted guys.

      I think the recent Kickstarter scandals have increased awareness within the crowdfunding community which is definitely a positive outcome. I also think the strength of that community caused Kickstarter to issue their apology for the Above the Game debacle. Change will come because the crowdfunding community demands it. And change will come from people like you who dare to take a stand against abuse.


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