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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Poetry Crib: Butterflies

from the Battling Mountains EP written by Soul Pie

Butterflies weight me down
When they should fly away, caught inside this lonely man.
All my might and all my dreams are tied down with a skinny line
If they could only realize who I am.

Close my eyes, or take them back God,
My heart is on the line, and it’s under full attack When it’s all alright,
or if it’s all gone wrong,
We need a gentle woman’s heart
To help us bear what’s going on in the world

When the patience dies and the tensions rise and the only way to get along is crime
There will be a voice from the depths
Until the soul of the earth comes alive

Camouflage what is real,
If only we could find a way to read between the lines When the war is done,
 when we raise our flag
In victory or praise,
Peace has finally found a place in the world

***Special Note..
Just wanted to give you a heads up that Soul Pie is in a competition right now to be able to open up at a 10,000 person festival in Golden Gate park. They are currently in 3rd place. All it takes is 2 secs to vote and you can vote once a day until May 11th.

Soul Pie Debut Album Launch and Tour
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