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Monday, March 11, 2013

Dj Grandpa's Crib: He's Not Ready for Primetime

Discover the artists, singers, producers, entrepreneurs, game developers, and inventors of the future at DJ Grandpa's Crib, the unofficial Kickstarter Podcast. With a fresh voice and inspiring interviews, this weekly podcast celebrates the creative genius in each of us. Don’t miss a single episode!

DJ Grandpa is joined by David Malki from the Machine of Death; musician Earl Matthews, Rudi Beijnen, co-inventor of The Smart Bracelet; musician Simon Lynge; Romeo Filip, creator of Wild West Exodus; musical guest Jenny Bae; and animator Art Thibert.

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Show roster to He's Not Ready for Primetime, plus links to all kickstarter campaigns discussed in this episode:

1.    David Malki !
Author / Editor / Animator
Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination
2.    Earl Matthews
Singer / Musician / Record Label Owner
My Friends and I, A collaborative Compilation CD
3.     Rudi Beijnen / Paul Hornikx
Electronics Developer
EMBRACE+, smart notification bracelet for iPhone and Android
4.    Simon Lynge
Singer / Songwriter
Simon Lynge's New Album
5.    Romeo Filip
Game Developer
Wild West Exodus - Sci-Fi Western Miniatures Game
6.    Jenny Bae
Jenny Bae's Strings of Love Album
7.    Art Thibert
Chrono Mechanics: Potholes in the Cosmic Road
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Show Producer: Von Rupert
Theme Music: Trevor Williams

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